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The Kellin Foundation builds resilient children, families, and adults through behavioral health services, victim advocacy, and community outreach. 

We provide personalized and comprehensive community-based programming. in four core areas:  

  • Victim Advocacy Services and Patient Navigation
  • Clinical Assessment and Treatment / Peer Support
  • Youth Leadership and Empowerment
  • Community Mobilization and Outreach

Our goals are to assist individuals and communities with safety, restore hope, facilitate healing, and achieve holistic wellness.  We believe that mental, physical, social, and spiritual well-being all contribute to the ability of individuals to reach their full potential, and thus, we use an integrated approach to our programming.

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Profile PictureKellin Foundation - 30 April 2019, 2:40 PM

The Kellin Foundation is a newly funded Cat III site in Greensboro, North Carolina!

Kellin Foundation

Kellin is a recipient of funding from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network to expand services for young people ages 0-21. The NCTSN Treehouse program was developed to provide individual and family counseling as well as and outreach and training to community members. Our mission is to provide education and awareness to our community about youth trauma and healing to those affected. 

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