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Operating since 1911, the mission of SGA Youth & Family Services (SGA) is to “help children, families and communities facing great challenges to realize their potential.” SGA supports the emotional and social development of Chicago area adolescents and young adults by providing therapy, prevention and other supportive services for individuals and their families. By providing comprehensive services, through four different areas to families at each stage of life, from birth to parenting and from generation to generation, SGA is working to replace deep-seated barriers with a Cycle of Opportunity that will transform communities.

SGA Youth & Family Services (SGA) will provide and increase access to effective trauma-focused treatment and services for children, adolescents, and their family members who are involved with the Illinois Cook County Department of Juvenile Probation. We will do this through treatment, training, and evaluation.

SGA's treatment goals: For youth and their families to recover from traumatic events they have experienced and to increase access and trauma-informed treatment and services to racial and ethnic minority youth and their families who have experienced traumatic events.

SGA's training goal: To develop a trauma informed system of care within the targeted service area by providing Trauma-informed Care Training and consultation to community agencies.

SGA's evaluation goal: To sustain effective trauma-informed treatment services through work groups that include youth, families, and community organizations.

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