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 FCT is a model of treatment designed for use in the provision of intensive home-based services. FCT origins derive from practitioners’ efforts to find simple, practical, and common-sense solutions for families faced with forced removal of their children from the home or dissolution of the family due to external and internal stressors and circumstances. 

Out of a desire and mission to create opportunity for change for families that were seemingly stuck in a downward spiral, grew a practice approach that was both distinct yet grounded, in the use of treatment components that were sound and research based.

 Family Centered Treatment  is based upon what  clinicians in the field/on the street did that worked,  a.k.a. practitioner based.

 Practitioner based model refers to the practice of clinicians using trial and error techniques in the field to determine what works with families. Later after the model developed,  the  staff practices known to work were vetted for theoretical validity and adherence to family preservation best practices. This model is now known as Family Centered Treatment®.